You’ve already taken the first step to connecting with Freedom for Youth by visiting our website. Thank you for taking time to learn more about the ministry to help Iowa youth lead transformed lives. If you would like to speak to someone in person or schedule a tour of our home campus in Des Moines, please call 515-282-4822.+


God provides many ways to respond to his call, one of the most valuable is prayer. 1 Timothy reminds us to pray for it pleases God who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.

Volunteer your time to support our ministry, to be a light to Iowa’s youth, and to help each one of them see the love of Jesus in you. Then their hearts, eyes and minds will be better able to break the chains that bind them, discover their God-given talents and lead transformed lives. A wide variety of volunteer opportunities are available on a one-time or regular basis, for individuals, families, small groups and work teams. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • mentors

  • tutors

  • class instructors and assistants

  • small group leaders

  • transportation

  • administrative

  • advisory board member

  • advocate

  • communications & marketing

  • maintenance

  • prayer warrior

You can also visit Freedom Blend Coffee and bring a friend, your family or your small group. Pray for Freedom program participants, volunteers, staff and leadership to be in God’s will in everything they do. And donate to support the effort to take Freedom for Youth to all 9 counties in Iowa.

Give generously of your time, your mercy, your leadership or your resources. If your gift is to teach, teach. If it is to encourage, encourage. Romans 12 reminds us to do all this generously, diligently and cheerfully, and at Freedom for Youth, we have a place for you to respond. We’re a volunteer-driven ministry and as such, we would not be able to impact the youth we do without the dedication of committed volunteers and the ongoing support of generous donors across the state and across the country.

And if you or someone you know is connected to a student who would benefit from involvement in Freedom programs, reach out to us so we can find a local program. If there’s not currently a nearby program, raise your hand and we’ll help you consider how you can bring Freedom to your community.


Once you’ve connected with Freedom for Youth Ministries and responded in the way you are called by God to respond, we encourage you to share our story with others. Let them know what we’re doing to share the love of Jesus and help Iowa youth lead transformed lives.

  • Visit, like and share our posts on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

  • Tell friends and colleagues about our ministry over a hot or cold beverage at Freedom Blend Coffee.

  • Check in at Freedom locations on Facebook and tell your friends and neighbors about Freedom for Youth programming and activities.

  • Bring your small group to Freedom Blend Coffee for your regular Bible study.

  • Tell friends about your amazing experiences serving with Freedom for Youth Ministries.